If you want to have a perfect outdoor barbecue experience, this smoker is your ideal choice.


The compact area makes it the perfect size for terraces and barbecue kitchens. Four vents provide you with the function of controlling oven temperature and smoke volume. It has two doors and you can open the door according to your request. When need to check the food, you just need to open the upper door. Open the door below if you want to add charcoal. The thermometer on the door can help you monitor the internal temperature more easily. It has two grill nets, which means there is enough room to roast all kinds of meat in addition to a few dish of vegetables.


If you are looking for the barbeque grill, don't hesitate to buy it!


    • Handles are installed on both sides to facilitate handling and moving
    • Two removable roasting net to meet different people's barbecue needs
    • There are four air vents on both sides to better control heat and smoke
    • High temperature resistant plastic-sprayed iron structure can last a long time
    • The thermometer on the door makes it easy to monitor the temperature
    • The design of two doors makes it easier to add charcoal and check food
    • Enameled charcoal basins are not only beautiful but also easier to clean

Vertical 2-tier Outdoor Barbeque Grill with Temperature Gauge

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